Aries Weekly Horoscope

This week will bring a whole new wave of travelling. Plan your tour, be it a spiritual place or beach place. Give your work a break and act independently. You may meet your old good friends and have a delicious snack with them but you need to pay attention what you are eating. Try avoiding junk and unhygienic food stalls. Late in the week, there are chances of profit at your workplace. Organize yourself and get set ready for a serious mission. You will be respected and see honesty in your relations.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

This week will be a little deep and detailed. Your relations will built up a strong connection with you. You may finalize your marriage proposal this week. You need to take care of your space and privacy. Sit alone and meditate. You need that. Involve yourself in partnerships if you are need one. This will be the best time to partnership. Let opportunities come and try you. Be alert and confident.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

This week will bring development and progress in your career. If you are on a search ride then apply your resume and you may get the job this time. You may have conflicts with those who are demanding and restrictive in nature. You need a partner who gives you your air and allow your privacy. You may sign in for a property or improve your home decor. Travelling will attract you and you need not avoid it.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

You work for money. You work hard for it so let it reach you. Show your talent to your seniors. Just don’t  tell and say but do and act. You may feel stressed due to work load but you will pass it with ease. This week you will be clear about yourself that what you want to do and what are you doing ?. Let yourself a little free from restrictions. Find yourself and develop your confidence. You will be able to let your charm rule the opposite sex. You may not be able to show your commitment in the relation but you will be good at conversation.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

This week will be your limelight. The project on which you were working since days will be ready to flaunt now. The relation too is ready to announce publicly. People will see a new talent or a new change in you. Don’t allow them to spy on you. You should travel and visit beaches or water bodies. You may face problems in accepting your own faults and mistakes. Try and accept that. You will manage your finance and other resource well. Impress your beloved with a gift or so.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

You may face some awkward situations but you will be out of them soon. You need to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Land and property related matters will be solved in this week. You will feel stress but you should talk to a third person before your outburst. You will be profited while working in a team. Try to go outside and play outdoor games.  This will bring more balance in to your life. Go out for entertainment and enjoy a little. Continue reading


Read Your Weekly Horoscope (30 May – 05 June 2016)


Family life looks pretty good till Friday. There will be occasions of party or enjoying time together. Daily chores will not disturb you much and your focus will not be disturbed. This will be a good week for business people and they will be able to do better than previous week. Saturday should be avoided for any major activity related to finance. Romance will be high in your mind this week and the activities may make you involve so deep that your work will be affected a lot.


You will have enjoyable time till Wednesday, after which there will be unwanted incidents and arguments. Your cleverness and perseverance will ease out the things. Business people may incur losses due to their wrong activities. Consult twice before going for a major decision. Work front will be average, you will have normal growth or work schedules. Your performance will be usual.


There will be good atmosphere overall in your family life. Some small get together may happen. Work flow will be normal usually.  Spouse will be contributing towards wellness. The results will be late but sure. Don’t get frustrated. Money will come to business people but there are chances of some cheating. Love matters will not be so good.


You may think of purchasing new vehicle or home or land. Your mother might have some disease. Friends will be helpful; your elders will be supportive. Work performance will be good. You will get help from desired quarters to make money. Week will be positive largely. Your love life will be average. You might be misunderstood by your partner.


Thursday and Friday will be good days for enjoyment. What is required from your end is to be understanding and cooperative with all. You have prone to lose money this week and only on these aforesaid times – the probability is least.Things will be manageable and by the weekend you will have better performance.


There will be outings for some and some may visit holy places or temples. Thursday is a good day to visit a temple. Those into real estate or vehicles will have more gains than others. Do not bet on anything. you should try to keep a low profile. Although the big picture is good and progressive but there will be certain hiccups.

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